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The Gentleman's Shop is proud to retail products from traditional English names such as Geo F Trumper, Truefitt Hill, Taylor of Old Bond St D R Harris, but also offers more recent arrivals from the United States such as The Art of Shaving, Zirh and The Gentlemen's Refinery.
A family friendly online shop DEPARTMENT STORE offering a colourful array of products from FASHION , video games, DVDs and Blu-rays through to electronics and gifts.
THE PROTEIN WORKS is an innovative and disruptive brand in the online sports nutrition sector. In a very short space of time it has become the fastest growing sports nutrition brand in the UK based on a clear and effective strategy of offering premium quality products and excellent customer service at low prices.
Specialists in wide fitting FOOTWEAR, The Shoe Tailor provides both mens and womens shoes and boots with a priority of style and comfort.
Precis Petite collections have been carefully constructed to create a complete, perfectly proportioned wardrobe for the petite WOMAN.
Shirts, suits, ties, cufflinks, casualwear, outerwear and accessories for MEN, as well as a distinctive range of shirts, suits, knitwear and accessories for WOMEN. New patterns and styles, such as the John Francomb inject personality into traditional but modern business wear.
One of the worlds most recognised brands for MEN & WOMEN this is the official online store www.tommy.com which currently sells and delivers to 21 countries in Europe.
Tria Beauty:
The product range has also grown beyond sheepskin boots to incorporate casual FOOTWEAR, slippers, and most recently, handbags and apparel, all made of the same fine Australian sheepskin.
UNIQLOWell known High Street retailer UNIQLO designs for MEN & WOMEN manufactures, markets and sells casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day.

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